Harmonic Connections PLUS
"An educated individual is an empowered individual."




Greetings from the Founders...

For more than 20 years of marriage, building strong relationships and a family life for our four sons has been a primary motivation for our decisions to make healthy connections with others. We have spent more than ten years creatively sharing the message of harmonic connections, while encouraging spiritual growth, personal development, and the strengthening of interpersonal relationships with others through music and educational resources. 

We continue to share the Harmonic Connections message through the HC+ Legacy Institute. Along with sharing research that explores and analyzes sustainable practices within the family context, we are expanding the Maximizing the Connection curricula to an online format. The online format will allow HC+ Legacy Institute to extend its influence beyond the local reach to a global audience. 

Through HC+ Legacy Builders Initiatives, we are extending the influence of HC+ toward individuals and families. HC+ Birth provides opportunities for families to prepare for their births through sessions based on understanding of birth, while building realistic expectations for childbirth. HC+ Apprenticeship Development provides opportunities to renew professionalism and competence in the construction trades through young adults persuing technical and vocational careers.

We are glad you are visiting the HC+ Legacy Institute site and we are excited to connect with you.


In great expectation,

Eugene and Andrea Mason

"Coach Green Gene" and "Dr. Doula"