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About Coach Green Gene

Eugene Mason III (Coach Green Gene) is the Managing Director of HC+. He earned his Architecture degree from Tuskegee University and an MBA in Sustainable Business with a concentration in Green Development from Marylhurst University.

As his last name suggests, Eugene is a craftsman and a builder by calling and by trade. For more than 20 years, he has used his opportunities in construction management to increase his expertise in leadership and developmental coaching. basic vocational skills.He has expanded his influence and capacity to build harmonic connections within communities through his Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED® AP ID+C) accreditation. 

Eugene is a practitioner of indigenous knowledge studies and has traveled internationally to learn and collaborate with the Centre of Indigenous Knowledge Systems at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. He emphasizes the importance of employing the head, heart and hands when seeking to create sustainable construction practices. He has developed the HC+ Vocational Apprenticeship Development Workshop for young men to teach

Although Eugene grew up as an athlete, when he married Andrea he learned to play the keyboard and together he have wriiten and produced six CD projects they call Sounds for the Soul.

Eugene has always been passionate about coaching and mentoring youth and uses mentoring opportunities with his four sons.



Coach Green Gene

Eugene's Highlights

Personal Mission Statement
"Building legacy through practices that promote sustainability in communities and the environment."

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Eugene Mason III, MBA's CV



  • MBA in Sustainable Business/ Green Development


  • 20+ years experience in Construction Management and Site Supervision

Family Life 

  • Partnered with Dr. Doula for 25 years

  • Father of four sons